Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A New Cub Scout

My seven year old has decided to be in the cub scouts! Wow! My older son has never been much of a boys boy. Don't get me wrong he's all boy, but not like my younger. Matthew (the baby) likes dinosaurs, trucks, guns, anything Army or camo and mud. He's fearless. He will climb or jump off anything.
He will make the best scout! I know he will. He will probably be a lifer! He's just that kind of boy. He wants to try everything. I am very proud of him.

He scares me a lot. He makes me laugh daily.

My family and I always laugh to each other about something he said or did and I write it down to torture him with it when he's older.

Prime example. This was a few hours after he had to get his seven yr old shots:
"Momma, if I'm angry today it's not my fault cause that nurse told me I would have a temper"......

For those who didn't get it right away, he was talking about when the nurse said he might get a temperature. He thought he had a free day to act up!

He says things like this often. He makes having to be on bedrest, air lifted, and multiple hospital says worth every second. He makes my life a much better place.

His head stuck in his sisters chair. Took a lot of lotion on the ears to get it off.