Sunday, November 28, 2010

Balls of Joy

We have decided to have a theme of a Frosty Christmas this year. This is my first year with a real "theme". Not that I won't throw in different things, but for the most part I reallly want to stick with royal blue, silver, and white. I want a snowman and snowflake Christmas. If I can get photos taken when the sun is out I'll repost them!

After decorating the tree with all the balls I wanted I had some left over. I decided to take the glass from this photo:
and make this for the holidays:

I'm not showing the whole stand yet, cause I'm slow and I'm not done yet. Don't laugh at my butter lid bottom, I will eventually change that.....eventually.

Anyways, I just took the extra ornaments and some wrapping ribbon and put them in the glass. I think it turned out really pretty. I am doing a lamp with snowflakes right now and it is SOOOO cute when I have it lit up. I can't wait to show the whole thing.
Though my nickname has been "the nutcracker" or sometimes even, "the nut" I couldn't resist buying this little guy. Reminds me of my husband:
There's just something about a man in uniform!! ;)
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and made it back unharmed from Black Friday shopping!

The Lettered Cottage

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Balloonfest 2010

I will never forget the first time I watched a hot air balloon. I was still a teen, a married teen (crazy back then) and living in Colorado Springs, CO and woke up one morning to the sky littered in hot air balloons. Seriously, you couldn't look anywhere in the sky without seeing a hot air balloon in sight.

It was beautiful. It was magical. I was mesmerized.

The weekend of Oct 22nd I took my kiddos to the annual Poteau Balloonfest in Oklahoma. Though our small town doesn't attract hundreds of hot air balloons like Colorado Springs does, but it was still a blast. I used to take the kids every year, but the last few years something always came up to keep me from going. Luckily, I was able to drag my reluctant husband and five more than eager kids to the festival.

My kiddos taking in the sites

We watched the local college cheer leading squad do some neat cheers and flips which of course cause three little girls to want to do the same thing.....thanks.
I don't know what they were looking at here, but it breaks my heart that they're this big!

Yes, I bought all the girls a bracelet. For some reason the boys didn't want a beaded bracelet.
Night finally fell and they lit up the balloons. I felt like I was sixteen all over again!

They suckered us in. As we walked by they begged us to let them play a game. Even though my husband begged me not to, I couldn't help but let them. I almost choked when I found out the cost. Those light sabers they're holding.....five bucks a piece. They were more, but I refused to pay the guy anymore so he gave us a! I know I'm cheap, but come on! In this economy and it cost us just to get in?????
Ok, rants over.
Somewhere along the line my youngest, beloved son was possessed by demons had no control of himself! I go to bed every night wondering if my sweet son came home with us that night, or this little boy in the photos......
PS...I watched Paranormal Activity 2 last night which did not help with my fears!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My front yard

Every year about this time I get amazed at the natural beauty that comes from my front yard. The rest of the year I can't stand trying to take care of all the trees and shrubs in the yard. I spent twenty minutes in about a ten foot area of my front yard this evening and this is what I got.

This is my favorite.
I don't know what kind of tree that is. I just know it has these cherries. I don't think it's a normal cherry tree though. I'm too afraid to try to eat them!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

Just by looking at this picture it tells one half of the relationship between these too. Kacey is growling at Matthew and Matthew is sticking his tongue out at her. This is typical....half the time. The other half they play together non-stop.

This photo wasn't an intentional shot! I asked them to just look at one another and this was the result after about five seconds. Now, it's my favorite photo EVER! These two will either crack you up or drive you nuts! Most of the time I'm nuts, but I wouldn't trade a second of it.

These two are probably the closest of all the kids too. I can see them getting into a lot of trouble together when they're teenagers! (you can't see me doing the sign of a cross right now(I'm not even catholic either)),

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Has anyone else noticed how bad things happen in threes? I have. I always have. I'm waiting on my third right now.

Last week my Jeep broke down. Thankfully it ended up being the battery, but you wouldn't believe what a hassel a simple battery caused! Four hrs, let me repeat, FOUR hrs of back and forth to the local auto parts store to get it taken care of. Between me (yes, I'm semi mechanically inclined), my brother (mechanic), and the auto parts guy (unfortunately not all that mechanical), we got it fixed.

This week it turned cold so I decided it was time to turn the central heat on. Yep, it's not working. CRAP!! Ok, we can make it, we can bundle up til we can afford to get a repair man out here.....haha....As I sit and type this, I'm freezing my rapidly growing booty off! Thankfully, my brother came, took it apart and is going to try to get it fixed. I love my brother. I seriously don't know what I would do without him! Not only is he a friend when I need one, he's also always there to pick up the broke pieces of my Jeep, house, and life and put it back together.

So, two things down now and I'm terrified of next week. I've been sick so I hope that's the last third. I doubt it. It doesn't feel over yet. Lord, just please let it be cheap!!

BTW, I've finally started thinking about Thanksgiving this year..... Still don't know where we're going or what we're doing. All I know is I could really use some comfort food about now.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Haunted House

As I said on the prior post, Halloween is my second favorite holiday. It's a bit ironic that it is. I'm not a fan of scary movies and I HATE being scared. Though, I do love scaring others (usually unsuspecting childern). Nikolas, my sweet oldest, hates this halloween with a passion......I'm sorry son.

It never fails when halloween comes around I get at least five calls to go to one of our small towns haunted houses. Everyone thinks it's fun to go with me because I turn into a blithering (is that a real word) idiot. I'm a tall girl. I'm 5'11", put I will hide behind my 5'4" friend and throw her infront of any scary thing coming my way. I have scrapped arms, screamed, twisted ankles, and even peed my pants a little once or twice.

Yes, I seriously get that scared. I know it's ridiculous and I think it stems from my older brothers torturing me as a child. They would have me watch Freddy on Nightmare on Elm Street then make me go to bed and later wake me up with butter knifes taped to their fingers. If I had more money I would see a psychiatrist.

Anyways, I didn't get to go to a haunted house this year. I was way too busy with party planning and kids sports and I missed it. I did get to decorate the house though!!