Sunday, November 29, 2009

Onion Bread

I have wanted to make this bread for a while now and today with it raining outside I figured what better time?
I have never made bread other than in a bread machine and I was actually scared of doing the yeast right, but I did it! I didn't have rosemary or blue cheese, but the bread turned out excellent and was so fast and easy! I was pleasantly surprised.
I will probably be making this bread many times in the future. Tonight I made a potato soup to go along with it.
Please ignore the cooking stuff in the background.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Current Quilt Projects

I've been working on four seperate quilts. Three are for my daughter and my two step-daughters for christmas. Hopefully I'll be done in time!
The purple is for my daughter Emily because she Loves purple.

The top to this quilt is actually done, but I don't have an updated picture yet. It's for my youngest step-daughter Kacey. She loves all the colors of the rainbow. This is also my first quilt EVER so I learned a whole lot with it.

This pink quilt is for my step-daughter Kyla. I hope she likes it. All I have left is trimming it with yellow and the dark pink then I can get it quilted.

This is for my living room. It's "cotton blossoms" by moda and I LOVE IT! I am only working on it when I feel like I'm going to rip the girls' quilts apart and burn them piece by piece so it's taking me awhile. I know I can't wait for the finished product on this one!

Are you working on anything with a time limit right now?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Finished Wreath

This is the final product of my book wreath.

Here is the beginning phase of the wreath and I got too caught up to take more pictures other than the final product!

Tips on making this wreath: buy lots of glue sticks, buy a small wreath, and don't use hardback books! Reasons: I ran out of glue sticks, my book wreath is way to big for my house and it's going to be a present to my mom, and the hardback books don't have the same antique look and the pages are a lot longer so I ended up cutting a lot of excess.
I did have a blast, along with blisters, making this and I plan on doing it again with a smaller wreath. Hopefully this time it won't take up an entire wall!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Book Wreath

I found this blog today and I HAVE to make these. I'm going to make one for every booklover I know and I'm going to make one for myself. I have tons of books that are aged and I'll never read again so why not recycle and make them useful again?
As soon as I can make it to the dreaded Wal-Mart for a foam wreath I will post my finished project. Can't wait to tell my husband I'm going to hang books on the wall. :)

Getting Started

I would like to say hello to anyone who might possibly drop by before I get the blog ready for viewing. I leave you with promises of humorous stories of my attempts at creating something and my utter elation when I get something right and actually finished!