Saturday, November 28, 2009

Current Quilt Projects

I've been working on four seperate quilts. Three are for my daughter and my two step-daughters for christmas. Hopefully I'll be done in time!
The purple is for my daughter Emily because she Loves purple.

The top to this quilt is actually done, but I don't have an updated picture yet. It's for my youngest step-daughter Kacey. She loves all the colors of the rainbow. This is also my first quilt EVER so I learned a whole lot with it.

This pink quilt is for my step-daughter Kyla. I hope she likes it. All I have left is trimming it with yellow and the dark pink then I can get it quilted.

This is for my living room. It's "cotton blossoms" by moda and I LOVE IT! I am only working on it when I feel like I'm going to rip the girls' quilts apart and burn them piece by piece so it's taking me awhile. I know I can't wait for the finished product on this one!

Are you working on anything with a time limit right now?


Blacksheep Bliss said...

Making sure I fixed my comments page! Ugh.

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

The cotton blossom strips look lovely. I like very much.