Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Haunted House

As I said on the prior post, Halloween is my second favorite holiday. It's a bit ironic that it is. I'm not a fan of scary movies and I HATE being scared. Though, I do love scaring others (usually unsuspecting childern). Nikolas, my sweet oldest, hates this halloween with a passion......I'm sorry son.

It never fails when halloween comes around I get at least five calls to go to one of our small towns haunted houses. Everyone thinks it's fun to go with me because I turn into a blithering (is that a real word) idiot. I'm a tall girl. I'm 5'11", put I will hide behind my 5'4" friend and throw her infront of any scary thing coming my way. I have scrapped arms, screamed, twisted ankles, and even peed my pants a little once or twice.

Yes, I seriously get that scared. I know it's ridiculous and I think it stems from my older brothers torturing me as a child. They would have me watch Freddy on Nightmare on Elm Street then make me go to bed and later wake me up with butter knifes taped to their fingers. If I had more money I would see a psychiatrist.

Anyways, I didn't get to go to a haunted house this year. I was way too busy with party planning and kids sports and I missed it. I did get to decorate the house though!!

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Allie said...

Your house looks so fun!
I hate to be scared, but I like Halloween, just for the excuse to play dress up. :)