Thursday, November 4, 2010


Has anyone else noticed how bad things happen in threes? I have. I always have. I'm waiting on my third right now.

Last week my Jeep broke down. Thankfully it ended up being the battery, but you wouldn't believe what a hassel a simple battery caused! Four hrs, let me repeat, FOUR hrs of back and forth to the local auto parts store to get it taken care of. Between me (yes, I'm semi mechanically inclined), my brother (mechanic), and the auto parts guy (unfortunately not all that mechanical), we got it fixed.

This week it turned cold so I decided it was time to turn the central heat on. Yep, it's not working. CRAP!! Ok, we can make it, we can bundle up til we can afford to get a repair man out here.....haha....As I sit and type this, I'm freezing my rapidly growing booty off! Thankfully, my brother came, took it apart and is going to try to get it fixed. I love my brother. I seriously don't know what I would do without him! Not only is he a friend when I need one, he's also always there to pick up the broke pieces of my Jeep, house, and life and put it back together.

So, two things down now and I'm terrified of next week. I've been sick so I hope that's the last third. I doubt it. It doesn't feel over yet. Lord, just please let it be cheap!!

BTW, I've finally started thinking about Thanksgiving this year..... Still don't know where we're going or what we're doing. All I know is I could really use some comfort food about now.

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