Yours Truly

I own him now and have the contract to prove it.

Hi ya'll! I'm glad you found my page and hopefully my ramblings entertain you a little.

I'm a world famous romance/mystery writer and photographer that just hasn't been discovered yet. I'm obsessed with taking photos.  I'm surpised my kids can recognize me at all without a lens obscuring part of my face.  I think it began when I was just a wee lass and my mother would take all kinds of embarrassing moments.

And you thought Home Interior was just for walls

I love any type of crafts, home design, and sewing. I often start a project and a year later it may get finished. As my husband says, it's seems my artsy side is a little nutsy. If I'm not doing creating then I'm in a really bad mood so watch out. 
I'm a wife of an Army Man, mother of 5 kids (three mine, two his, all ours). I can't find a job to save my life at the moment, so I get tons of time during the day to work on projects!

If you have any suggestions or comments for me, just drop me an email.