Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sleepless Nights

I've been having a bit of trouble sleeping at night lately! It really sucks the next day, but I do get a ton of crafts done in the middle of the night! Last night I made a stocking.
Tonight I actually went to sleep at a decent time and my husband wakes me up to tell me what hours he works the next day! Bless his heart, he doesn't have trouble sleeping at all! BLAH!!! So, after an hour of sleep I have been up redoing the ottoman to a chair-ottoman combo.

This is the ottoman before! My mother gave it to me like this cause she knew I would have fun doing something with it. Truth be told, I've been a little nervous to redo it. Guess I couldn't mess it up any more than it already is though....

Just ignore the laundry on the chair and the bag of snow in the crate by the chair. Eventually they will either be worn or put away! ;)
I picked Denyse Schmidt's County Fair and I think it turned out great! See the wingback behind it? Yeah, that's next! I am still nervous about that!

The more picks I post, the more and more I hate my carpet!!! Next time there may every well be bare floors in the pics! ha. My husband would kill me!

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Liz Hallford said...

Good luck with the chair it is gonna be hard. You are brave to even attempt it....