Thursday, December 23, 2010

Workin the Elves

This year I had five elves. Five kids to do my bidding or they wouldn't be able to play xbox. The amount of productivity you can get out of kids is kinda amazing!

This evening the girls asked if they could help me cook Christmas dinner. I think it's good to show them that it takes effort to make something, teach them a recipe, and start a tradition. They loved it, but it made it ten times longer and harder! haha. It was well worth it.

While doing this I learned the oldest, Kyla, my stepdaughter, is extremely good at dicing parsley. Realllllly good at it. Emily, my daughter, is good at mixing and measuring.

I let them make the appetizers that have to be prepared ahead of time so Kyla and Emily made Sausage Balls and Hot Pepper Dip. We'll just toss them in the oven on Christmas and be done with it. I'm actually excited to try them. I pray that everyone makes a fuss over them cooking them. It took them FOREVER!

Kacey, my youngest stepdaughter wanted in on the action. I wanted her to make something simple and fast so it would keep her attention and still be fun. I literally let her do everything. I just told her what to do. She made a green bean casserole. She was more than happy about it and I can't wait til she sees people eating it.
Isn't she just adorable?
I love this! It was WAY more work than if I would have done it myself and twice the dishes, but it was well worth it. I know before long none of the kids will want me to do anything with them. I'm hoping they'll look back on their childhood and say regardless that there were five of them and they drove their mom crazy, I took the time to be there.
Ok, I'm going to go now before I get too sappy.
I'm not a sappy kind of person.....
Yes I am, but don't tell anyone.
I've been sewing after the kids go to bed every night and I'll post some pics later this week.
MERRY CHRISTMAS all. Remember Jesus Christ is the reason for the season! God bless you all.