Monday, January 31, 2011

Madisons Quilt

I'm finally posting the quilt I finished a few weeks ago. It was a labor of love. It was for my cousins daughters 1st birthday. I literally worked all day and night for four days straight to finish it.
The hardest thing besides cutting all the 5x5 squares was constantly laying it out on my carpet to make sure I sewed it in order.
My living room was a disaster for DAYS!! I'm just glad my husband wasn't here during this time or it would have drove him nuts!
I'm very happy with the end result! My cousin Liz is too!!
I was in such a rush to get her the quilt before the birthday party I forgot to take a finished photo so Liz sent me one of it laid out on her queen size bed.

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Liz Hallford said...

yes we love the quilt--but I didn't get the socks in the 2nd to last picture, it was not in the