Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Christmas to Myself

Today I went Christmas shopping for 15 kids. Yes, that's right...15 kids! By myself I might add. I drove the thirty minutes to the nearest decent sized town (people around here call it a city, but it's an overgrown town) and fought with bumper to bumper traffic and people So not in the Christmas spirit. I walked aisle after aisle trying to figure out what to get who and I'll admit, half the time I was in this eyes glazed over daze at everything. People kept running their carts into mine, not getting to one side of the lane and knocking things in the aisle and NOT PICKING IT UP!
After a good three hours in one store I am happy to say that I have almost completely finished my christmas shopping. I still have to finish out my sister-in-laws (both of them) and buy for my parents and my husbands parents, but still.....I'm almost finished. I was so proud of myself for this wonderful feat that I decided I deserved a little Christmas cheer myself. hehe
I allowed myself twenty dollars for myself for Christmas. Here's what I got!

This is from Amy Butlers Nigella line. I got a yard a piece.

This is Joel Dewberry's Ginseng Collection from Free Spirit and I got a yard of each.

Now, did you pick up that I only allowed myself 20.00? Yep, I got EVERYTHING for 19 and something cents. The fabric was only 3.95 per yard. I about peed my pants. Theres tons more there, but I can't allow myself another 20.00 for a week or so!

I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but I love them and can't wait to figure it out. I'm thinking of redoing a chair for my daughter in the Free Spirit.

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Lillie said...

I love it! U always find the best deals! Pink is my favorite color!