Monday, December 28, 2009

Four Days of Freedom

I must say, this Christmas has been the best I have had!

There were a few bumps and screams, but it turned out to be wonderful.
I was able to have all the kids and my Army Man so I am more than grateful.
First we went to my mothers for Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. It was our first time in years to have Christmas at my mothers. Usually, we have it at my place or at my sister-in-laws. We knew a winter storm was brewing so we hurried from my moms on an hour and a half trip to my mother-in-laws. Surprisingly, the kids didn't fight....much!
Once at my mother-in-laws it didn't take long for the weather to start turning. It was time to make the forty-five minute trip home if we didn't want to get stranded. As soon as we crossed the border of Arkansas/Oklahoma, the Oklahoma side was a BLIZZARD!! I'm not exaggerating. We couldn't see. ANYTHING...except white. White road, white sky, white windshield! So bad that on a four lane divided road, people were driving on the wrong side of the highway. Scary stuff. But, believe it or not, driving twenty miles per hour and an hour later it was just barely snowing and we made it home fine.
Christmas Day we took the only kid to get to stay home, my oldest, to watch Avatar in 3D. Let me tell ya, that movie is awesome, and the 3D is unreal!! Since then I have been able to read a book for the first time in a very long time. It's called The Lightning Thief, a Percy Jackson & The Olympians by Rick Riordan. I saw the previews watching Avatar and knew they were books. I LOVED this book! Very very good imagination on this one and if you like Greek mythology, you'll like the book.
So, I'll shut up now, but what did you do on Christmas vacation??

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