Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Loot

This is my winnings from Elaine's Crafty Corner.
I Love Love L-O-V-E the fabric! And much to my surprise she sent me two extra pieces of fabric to go with it! I would have a picture of the wristlet to go along with it, but the batteries went dead on the camera and I forgot to pick up more today.

Thank you so much Elaine!

Because my camera is dead, read above, I took this picture with my BlackBerry Curve. I made this for my daughter to hang on her wall. That girl is always making something, drawing, or asking for pictures of people, so I made her this memory board.

My camera is HORRIBLE! I bought it years ago when digital became really popular. Back then it was awesome. Now....not so much. The megapixels are really low and as the years have gone by and the many falls, it takes more blurry pictures than any other kind.

I want a new one and hopefully will in the new year. I don't just want any camera though. If I'm going to spend anything, I might as well spend it on something I really want. So, my dear sweet wonderful Army Man, if you happen to read this..... Oh nevermind, he's not gonna read this!!


Lillie said...

The fabric is really nice. I'm so excited for you!

Jessica said...

i just adore the little seahorses...that fabric makes me smile everytime i see it....you lucky girl...that is great loot!!

i know exactly what you mean with your camera....i drool over the digital SLRs everytime i'm at BestBuy or pass a camera shop....so i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya that you get a fab new camera real soon!!