Thursday, April 8, 2010

Starting my kitchen garden

This week I've been potting herbs. I found this kit from Wal-Mart a few months back, but the seeds didn't sprout. This time I bought the seeds separate and reused the cute little lime-green pots that came in the kit.

On the left I have basil, in the center I have thyme and the right is sage. This is after a week of being a seed. Nature amazes me. {Please excuse the messy counter, I was in the middle of cooking when I took the picture.}

These two little budding seeds are lavender. I've never even tried to grow it, but, I know this is strange, I watched the movie "It's Complicated" and Meryl Streep made lavender ice cream. "WHAT??" I thought to myself. "I gotta try it."

I've always thought of lavender as being an ingredient in smell good body stuff and candles. Never in my wildest dreams did I know it could be comsumed. So, since I like the smell anyways and I don't plan on buying a sachet of lavender from the local lingerie shop and try to add it in ice cream... This way, I know where the lavender came from and that there is no added smell good stuff in it. Keep your fingers crossed on my herbs for me. I've been known to have a black thumb, but at least it's not from lack of trying. One day I'll get it right!

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